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Totally Impressed

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My name is Richard M Richardson; I live in Goshen, Mass where I sell antique stoves for heating and cooking. I also operate an outdoor garden rental space dedicated to healing and arts. This includes an overnight bed-n-breakfast type space. I mention this only in so far as to say that I and appliance experience. I am writing today to applaud the superior professionalism and customer service that I experienced with Besko's Appliance.

Earlier this year, I shopped for almost three months in an effort to purchase new appliances for my home; washer, dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher. The appliances in my home were well over twenty years old and it was time for complete upgrade. Visiting all of the big box stores in our area, I felt discouraged by their lack of knowledge and poor customer service. A friend guaranteed me that a visit to Besko's Appliance in Easthampton was the only way to go. And how right she was!!

Since it had been twenty years since I had made such a purchase, I felt like I was operating from a deficit. Instead of being made to feel old or dated, ignorant or easily oversold, as had been the case at Home Depot, Lowes, Manny's and Sears. I left Besko's Appliance feeling informed, satisfied and completely comfortable with my decision to make a purchase that day.

I was totally impressed by my experience and everyone I met at Besko's Appliance! I was promptly greeted by a salesman who answered my entire question very thoroughly and clearly. On those few occasions when the salesman did not know an answer, he without hesitation or rivalry sought assistance from another more-veteran salesman. They answered all of the many questions I had to ask to understand the appliances and their features. I left secure in my decision to purchase a new washer and dryer. After a few days I revisited the store and purchased the additional appliances I needed.

The appliances were delivered with great professionalism. Not only were they unpacked and brought into my home with care and attention, the delivery people spent time demonstrating how the appliances operate.

Besko's Appliance was a wonderful company to work with and I would recommend them without a moment's thought! I found everyone to be professional, honest and hardworking, characteristics that seem to be increasing absent in the Big Box economy in which we live. You have so deeply impressed me that I will always pass your name along to others that are looking for new appliances. You are a top shelf operation and should be proud!

Please accept my sincere praise and extend my warm appreciation to each and every one of your staff.

Best Regards,

Richard M Richardson
Good Time Stove Co. – proprietor
Three Sisters Sanctuary – creator and caretaker



Such a Valuable Deal

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rather than big-box out of the community such a valuable deal, I arranged for local supplier Besko's Appliance to install our second floor laundry machine. It had to align with the wall vent and also fit down into a 2" deep drain pan. By plan, the nook was made only several inches wider than the machine. Carpenter John built a short ramp to raise it the needed 2" to get over the soft copper pan edge. After the dryer over washer single unit was brought close and attached came the challenge of final positioning. Luckily, I had designed high glass block windows on either side of the nook that were still open.

With one of Besko's people outside on a ladder, keeping the flexible vent from kinking, we balanced the unit on its front legs. John had a 2" wide nylon sling I positioned under the center of the washer / dryer. Looping the ends through the two glass block window openings, I tilted the unit toward me. John at one window and Ryan (from Besko's) at the other snuggled up the sling. I pushed the unit out, as airborne as a clothes washer ever gets, and they let it down smooth as could be. My complements to Besko's for seeing a job to completion that the plumber said he wanted nothing to do with. I bought Ryan and his assistant lunch in gratitude, despite the footprints on the ceiling. Hope we never need to service it. Last machines went 25 years with no problems.